In October 1977 Claude Jaquier was to become the founder of “Claude Jaquier électromechanique” in Prez-vers-Siviriez. Its purpose was to develop and manufacture tailored machines, locksmithing and metal joinery.

1981 saw the first expansion of the premises. Then in 1983 he would found “C. Jaquier électroméchanique SA”, a limited company. His activities included, at this point, a variety of handling equipment, heat pumps and industrial sheet metal works.

In 1987 Claude Jaquier filed a patent for the invention of a portion product packaging machine using transparent shrink film.

1989 the workshop expanded further, going from 238 m² to 490 m².

In 1994 a new company would be established: “C. Jaquier & Cie SA”. Later that same year, in July, the construction of a new industrial warehouse in the immediate vicinity of the existing production shops began.

In May 1996 Claude Jaquier filed a second patent for the CJ55 wrapper.

In the spring of 2007 Claude Jaquier decided the time had come to hand over control of his company. Joël Jaquier, Jérôme Nicolet and Sébastien Jaquier seized the opportunity and took over the company by a management buy-out of the business early in 2008 They did, however, enjoy the privilege of working alongside its founder, Claude Jaquier, for a little while longer.

JNJ automation had at this stage successfully developed a new range of cheese care robots along with a new range of horizontal wrappers.

Eventually, during the spring of 2014 the company moved into a brand new building located in Impasse de la Maladaire, Romont. These new premises should ensure JNJ automation is able to meet the needs of its clients even more efficiently.

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