RF4 – Cheese care robot

The RF4 stands out from the other robots for its gripping module specifically designed to grip a full board. The care unit may handle up to four cheeses simultaneously.
The small dimensions and its flexible programming make this robot suitable to cellars that already exists.


  • Brushes and plate can be removed without the use of special tools.
  • Large choice of brushes available.
  • Treatment controls can be viewed and accessed directly from the dialogue screen.
  • Care unit opens for easy access to brushes and trays.

Grab module

  • Boards handled using a new, robust grip system.
  • Strong plastic lift and table runners, limiting wear and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Automatic lubrification system for elevator rails.
  • Movement of all moving parts carried out using maintenance-free, non-stretch belts.
  • The boards can be picked up both on tubular shelves and racks.

Dialogue screen

  • Easy to programme using two 12” colour screens located at the front and/or at the back of the robot and high-performance help system.
  • Up to 10 sets of treatment settings
    Up to 10 types of cheese
    Up to 50 types of corridor
    Up to 50 work sectors
    independently programmable
  • Automatic settings adjustment based on the type of cheese and the type of corridor.
  • Access control system for the different settings and parameters.
  • Logging of alarm monitoring.

Guide and movement system

  • Contactless guide system : the machine moves along an aisle, automatically correcting its course.
  • Motorised direction controls : handling is made extremely simple (turning angle of over 180°).
  • Very easy manual movement using a remote control at the front and/or at the back of the robot.


  • The loading module is fixed on the barrier. The brack-ets are retractable. The system can be used for shelv-ing, cheese removal or board change.
  • Hygienic : care unit with smooth welding, easily accessible. The sloping surface enables optimum run-off of smear liquid and rinsing water.
  • Large-capacity brine and smear liquid collection tanks.
  • Strong, rugged construction.
  • Single-block chassis made entirely out of mechanically welded stainless steel 1.4301.

Presentation film

Photo gallery

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