FR321/331 – Hot air shrink tunnel

The narrow-body FR321 and wide-body FR331 shrink tunnel with three heating zones is suited to all types of barrier and non-barrier shrink films.
Used together with the new control system on the ES101 packager, the temperature settings in the two heating zones and the conveyor speed are controlled remotely.
Memorised ES101 product recipe settings result in significant time savings when switching between production runs.
The large number of available options allow the standard model to be adapted to the specific characteristics of your production run.


  • Composed of silicone coated rotating rollers.
  • Ensures uniform heat distribution on the product and therefore an optimal retraction.
  • Adjustable speed via potentiometer or by the horizontal wrapper upstream.
  • Configuration available in left-to-right or right-to-left.

Shrink zone

  • Many air flow adjustments to optimize product pre-sentation.
  • Three heating stations with independent settings.
  • Compatible with barrier & non-barrier shrink film.
  • Suitable for different sizes and shapes of products.
  • Several types of vaults :
    • Type «T» vaults especially suitable for products in trays
    • Type «F» vaults (see opposite) for varied heights of products such as cheese in portions or multipacks

Ease of use

  • Simple and accessible control panel.
  • PID temperature controllers allow a clear visualization and precise temperature control.
  • PID temperature controllers allow a clear visualization and precise temperature control.


  • Two pairs of fans placed at the entrance and exit of the tunnel form an air curtain preventing the hot air to diffuse into the production environment.
  • Robust, high-quality frame, with heat insulation, stainless steel throughout.
  • Adjustable frame height to provide the correct conveyor operating height.
  • Simple and robust design to minimize maintenance and reduce costs.

Photo gallery

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