TR11 – Automatic cheese slicing machine

The TR11 is the ideal solution for cutting large quantities of cheese portions.
Designed with cheese factories and dairy stores in mind, this compact unit will be easy to find room for in your preparation workshop.
The fitted motorised tray makes it easy to process large orders quickly and smoothly.
The unit’s can make precise cuts to create segments, strips, cubes, sticks, thin slices, etc.


  • Openwork structure allows easy access to position the product on the cutting table.
  • Less stress on workers’ joints; reduces harshness of working conditions.
  • Compact, stable design.
  • Function control via a touchscreen interface based around icons.
  • Machine programme features a range of settings and recipes, controlled by multiple levels of access codes.
  • Cuts configured in recipes or controlled by manual inputs.


  • Sharp blade machined from high-quality stainless steel delivers clean, precise cuts.
  • Revolutionary press system allows soft cheeses and thin slices to be cut without crushing the cheese. Prevents cheese from rising without applying undue pressure.
  • Electric motor driving blade and table.
  • Made from food-grade plastic and stainless steel.

Safety and precision

  • Machine is protected by a safety light curtain. It shuts down immediately if the safety light sensor is triggered.
  • Laser indicator shows cutting position.
  • Emergency stop button on control panel.
  • Blade is shielded when raised.
  • Accessories can be handled without touching the blade.

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